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Alexandra Gillispie BS Sofanit Dessie MD Rodrigo Aguilar MD Kemnasom Nwanwene MD Ghassan Bandak MD Elie Khalil MD Imran Khawaja MD




Association of Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) with a considerable variety of complications has been well documented throughout literature. Primary infection, most often seen in children, is generally characterized by mild symptoms, as opposed to the more severe presentations in adult and immunocompromised populations. Manifestations of disseminated VZV include dermatologic, pulmonary, neurologic, and ocular involvement. Vascular and hematologic complications are also reported and sometimes pose serious health threat. We present an interesting case of disseminated VZV infection, complicated by meningitis, encephalitis, and bilateral pulmonary embolism in an otherwise immunocompetent 52-year-old man with no prior chicken pox exposure.

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