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Forty-First Annual Appalachian Studies Conference

Restitching the Seams: Appalachia Beyond its Borders, April 5-8, 2018
Millennium Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio

Appalachians who live in and outside the region find common ground and purpose in shared geographic origins, values, and similar challenges to life and livelihood. Even as we emerge onto ever changing landscapes, our seams line up. The 41st annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference poses the question: How might we best work together, regardless of our location, to address the larger issues facing the region’s extended family and to develop the social, cultural, and economic resilience necessary for future generations to thrive?

The 2018 ASA gathering will have community as its focus and will highlight in particular six essential themes key to Appalachians’ future: Diversity and Inclusion, Economic Development, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Migration. We hope to draw on the diverse voices and experiences of artists, youth, educators, researchers, workers and business owners, health care providers, and grass roots movers and shakers to share creative expression, important historical insights, useful data and studies, richly textured ideas, inventive plans, and workable solutions that will strengthen our connections and foster mutual support.

As we extend an invitation to this conference, we find its theme, Re-stitching the Seams, resonating deeply on many levels.

  • Common concerns. The 2018 ASA conference gives us a forum for learning from each other as we seek practical and creative solutions to the immensely complex issues common to us all.
  • A need for dialogue. This conference also provides an opportunity to listen to each other and problem solve across some of the difficult divides faced by our region and our nation.
  • A common heritage. Located in Cincinnati, just outside the formal borders of Appalachia, this conference will reaffirm and celebrate our connectedness through our mutual histories, values, passions, and concerns.

We invite your proposals for panels, papers, posters, roundtables, performances, and workshops related to our shared interests and concerns for Appalachia and Appalachians everywhere. The deadline for proposals is October 9, 2017.

— The ASA 2018 Program Committee: Joy Leane Gritton (Chair), Ivy Brashear, Brent Hutchinson, Chris Leadingham, Emily Satterwhite, Susan Spalding, and Suzanne Tallichet; Omope Carter Daboiku, (Local Arrangements Chair), and Debbie Zorn (2018 Conference Chair).

Proposals may be submitted from August 15 through October 9, 2017. Late and incomplete proposals will not be considered. Submitters will be notified in November regarding the status of their submissions. Submitters should be available for scheduling at any time during the entire conference. It is not possible to guarantee any session or participant a particular day or time on the program.

NOTE: Individuals named in accepted proposals are not automatically registered for the conference. ALL conference attendees must register and pay the conference registration fee prior to attending the conference. You may register on the ASA website. Pre-registration is $150 ($100 for students) through March 9, 2018. Late registration is $185 ($135 for students) beginning March 10. Registration is available online via the "Conference Registration" link in the green sidebar.

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