Thirty-Ninth Annual Appalachian Studies Conference

Voices from the Misty Mountains: Diversity and Unity, A New Appalachia

Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
March 18-20, 2016

Appalachia is a region unique and special, with a heritage and culture stretching back centuries and steeped in traditions that we attempt valiantly to maintain, and yet we are also a people and a region changing as rapidly as the technology that connects many of us across this land. The “voices” of Appalachians are diverse and spread far and wide, and they originate not just from the geographic region alone. We represent groups that are divergent yet common, whether we call ourselves Affrilachians, Appalachians, or Southern Mountaineers. The 2016 ASA Conference will focus on the changing face of the region, the diverse groups that constitute who we are, the educational and community institutions that either accommodate or react to the changes that challenge us and call for our best selves, and our efforts to protect the very mountains that are the principal source of our commonality and identity. We invite your submissions for any sessions, individual papers, performances, films, posters, or other types of presentations that address the theme, Voices from the Misty Mountains: Diversity and Unity, a New Appalachia. Proposals submitted between September 1 and October 15, 2015, will be given full consideration by the Conference Program Committee. Late and incomplete proposals cannot be considered or accepted. Proposal acceptances will be announced after November 16, 2015.

For complete submission guidelines please refer to the 2016 CALL FOR PARTICIPATION on the ASA website. The theme of this year’s conference – Voices from the Misty Mountains: Diversity and Unity, A New Appalachia– challenges you to explore the diverse cultures, viewpoints, and issues facing our region. Proposals that clearly reflect this year’s theme and challenge will be given preference during the selection process.

NEW THIS YEAR: You may participate in the conference in a maximum of two different roles. For example, you may present a paper and moderate a session, but you may not present two papers or moderate two sessions. This will allow more members to contribute to the conference.

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PLEASE NOTE: Individuals named in accepted proposals are not automatically registered for the conference. ALL conference attendees must register and pay the conference registration fee prior to attending the conference. You may register on the ASA website.

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