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A More Beautiful Clinic: Narrative Medicine and Expressive Arts with Patients at WVU Medicine

Renee K. Nicholson, West Virginia University
Monika Holbein, West Virginia University
Rondalyn Whitney, West Virginia University
Lysney Soule, West Virginia University

A Participatory Photovoice Study Exploring Girlhood in Rural Appalachia

Sharon Casapulla, Ohio University
M.Geneva Murray, Ohio University - Main Campus
Lilly Linfert, Ohio University - Main Campus

Advocacy, Opposition and Self Perceptions: A Case Study

Tom Plaut, Mars Hill College

Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and LGBTQ Appalachian Literature: Photography and How We Know What We Know

Allison E. Carey, Marshall University

Appalachian Females in Food – Sharing Women’s Food Stories Past to Present

Suzie McWhirter, Kennesaw State University

Are WE Appalachian? Reflections on Regional Identity from an East Tennessee Town

Mark Banker

Black Geographies of Appalachia: Black Invisibility, John Henry and Ed Cabbell

Gabriel Schwartzman, University of Minnesota

(Booker T.) Washington, DC: District of Columbia, District of Affrilachia

Forrest Gray Yerman, Howard University

Both History and Myth: The Shelton Laurel Massacre in Fiction

Ethan B. Mannon, Mars Hill College

Cross Disciplinary Appalachian Studies in The High School

Eben Reigle
Linda Amons
Julie Young
Erin Long
Leslie Schoof
Oshen Wallin
Jennifer Caldwell
Scott Whiteny
Kelley Temofonte

Dishes fit for a cuisine: Restaurants and the Construction of Appalachian Food

Lucy Long

Documenting and Promoting the Jane Gates Heritage House

Kara Rogers Thomas
Kathleen H. Powell, Frostburg State University


Adam Sheffield
Adam Sheffield

Eliza Calvert Hall, “The Handwoven Coverlet Book,” and Collecting Coverlet Patterns in Early Twentieth Century Appalachia

Philis Alvic,

“Great Loaves of Flaky Bread:” Rebecca Harding Davis as Appalachian Culinary Defender

Erica Abrams Locklear

Karen Spears Zacharias Reading “The Search for Kinship”

Sylvia B. Shurbutt, Shepherd University


kelly C. porter, East Tennessee State University
Melanie B. Richards, East Tennessee State University

Maintaining “Mountain Tough”: Thoughts about “Culture,” Appalachian and Capitalist

Hope Amason, Central Washington University

Memoirs in Appalachia

Cat Pleska, Marshall University

NC HB2, the Imposition of Gender, Malaprop’s, and the Collateral Damage of Reflexive Politics

Thomas A. Holmes

Oil and Water: The Separation of Ohio River Appalachians from the Wider Appalachian Identity

Abby Shupert, Shawnee State University
Jim Reneau, Shawnee State University

Patty Willis and the Modenist Appalachian Aesthetic

Ali Printz

People Power: The 1986 Nuclear Waste Controversy in Western North Carolina

Gordon McKinney

Recognition, Ownership, and Authority in Organizing for Land Reform

Lindsay Shade, University of Kentucky
Lill Prosperino
Robert Gipe
Marie Cirillos, Clearfork Institute
Jacob Meadows, Appalachian State University

“Something too pure/ is killing us”: Opioid-Addiction Porn, Endurance, and the Neoliberal Appropriation of Resilience

Travis Stimeling, West Virginia University
Jordan Lovejoy, Ohio State University - Main Campus
Gina Mamone, Queer Appalachia
Ethan P. Sharp
Jonas N.T. Becker, Art Institute of Chicago

Technology, Gender, and Labor Transformation in Coal Counties of Kentucky

Lauren Hayes

The Femininity of Addiction in the Nineteenth-Century: How the Oppressive Attributes of Society led to Inappropriate Insane Asylum Commitments

Lexie Santini

“The Highest Law”: Stewardship and Activism in Wilma Dykeman’s Non-Fiction

Rhonda Knight

The Natural Woman in the Literature of Wilma Dykeman and Barbara Kingsolver

Lindsey Caroline McIntosh, Mars Hill University

The Song of the Churn

Byron Ballard

Urban and Rural Memoirs: Making Connections

Jill Anderson Mrs., Washington State Community College

Viral Overdose: a case study of racial logics of the opioid crisis

Eva Price

“We Don’t Want to Hand Out, We Want to Hand Up”: Cultivating Community Food Security through Rural Community Gardening Programs in Central Appalachia

Elyzabeth Engle, McDaniel College
Candace Mullins, Grow Appalachia-Berea College

What I Did on my Summer Vacation: Pipeline Fighting and Questions of Scholar Activism

Emily M. Satterwhite 9610230, Virginia Tech

Where I'm from the Mountains are Red, White, and Yellow

Yunina Barbour-Payne
KelleyAnn Walsh, University of Colorado Boulder
Susan Virginia Mead, Ferrum College

Working Kinship

Tijah Bumgarner, Marshall University

'You can't goddammit/ shoot a river:' Fred Chappell Takes on Champion International Paper

Elisabeth Aiken, Saint Leo University