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A distance reading review of the Harry Potter series.

Julanna Bills

A Rhetorical Analysis on Dystopian Literature Post-Trump Election: How People Are Turning to Fiction to Understand Real Events and Why It Matters That We Listen

Sabrina Dennis

A Subcultural Divide: Tension Within Fan Culture

Anna Raines


sherri daniels

Alzheimer's Disease: Factors that contribute to Risk, Prevention, and Effective Treatments

Joseph Smith

Audience Perceptions of Social Media's Ability to Solve Cold Case Investigations

Kathryn Stanley

Borderline Personality Disorder: Exploring the Risk Factors and Treatment Options

Erin Freeman

Can West Virginia have an Apple

Colin Brady

Cherry Bomb

Heather Keeney

Co-Occurring Disorders: BPD and OUD

Sidney Stover

Communication Persistence in the Workplace

Brooke Bickford

Evidence-Based Treatment Options for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Literature Review

Jessica Leffingwell

Examining the Culture of Dependency: An Analysis of the Rhetorical Implications of the Welfare Queen Trope in Political Discourse

Anna Williams

Exploring Perceptions of Online Infidelity

Austin Fry

Feasibility of Solar Farm Installation on MTR Sites

Tristan Poston

From Monuments to Mochas: West Virginia's Obsession with Stonewall Jackson

Steven Cody Straley

From Suppression of the Catalan Language to the Independence Movement Today

Tiana Dixon

Healing Hollers and Foraging Forrest's.

Sophia Cassidy

How Japan is Creating a New International Image Through "Cool Japan" and Pop Culture Media

Emily Clements

Impact of Parental Substance Abuse on Children: A Review of Literature

Erinn Victory

Intersectional Stigma and the Multiply-Stigmatized Individuals

Tanner Wooten

It’s a Rich Man’s World: Lettres d’une Péruvienne by Françoise de Graffigny and the 18th Century French Woman.

Chloe Manning

Japanese Kitsune Myths of the Past and Today

Cecilia Billheimer

Japan’s Acceptance of Labor Migrants: Dissonance Between Government Policy and Foreign Workers’ Experiences

Christian Thompson

Language Learning

Hannah Cartwright

Life in the Holla

Jaelin Carpenter

Listen to the Healers: How the Knowledge of Curanderos can Change Medicine

Olivia Rogers

Los Niños de Morelia

Riley McGinnis

Madame de Pompadour

Kaitlyn Lamotta

Mental Health in Appalachia

Kariana Jude

Mine Contaminate Concentrations in Southern West Virginia

Alex Diedrich

My Malady

Tamera Pierce

Papa wa Doko?: The Absence of Japanese Fathers and Their Gender Role Expectations

Caralee Casto, Marshall University

Posthuman Representations in Wall-E

Madeline Merritt

Preferences and Attitudes of Psychology Students

Liberty Efird

Project Predecessor

Brooke Shull

Racial Diversity in Healthcare Management

Gretel Toloza Alvarez

Rage Against the Regime: A Comparison of Rock Nacional and Canto Nuevo

Madison Persinger

Reframing West Virginia: The Photography of Okey DeRaimo

Alannah Stone

Representation and Evolution of Women in Japanese Folktales and Horror Films

Kelsi White

Shadow Smoke

Sarah A. Canterbury

Snow Drought Across the Mountain State

Chad Simpson

Sustainability: An Appalachian Ecology of Commerce

Madison Shuler

The Dilemma of the United States’ Military Presence in Okinawa

Nicholas Young

The Dying Mall

Nicky Nance

The Effect of PTSD on Physical Health

Jessica Lane

The False Prosperity Gospel

Jonathan Butcher

The Greek Road to Emmaus

Jonathan Ross, Marshall University

The Haunting of Laius

Jonathan Ross, Marshall University

The Impact of Sexual Minorities on Family Structure in Japan

Chloe Litzenberger

The Last Mile: The History of Women’s Suffrage in Huntington West Virginia

Kyle McKnight

The Nature and Nurture of Aggression in Children

Sydney Rice

The Weight of Weight: The Impact of Obesity on Childhood Bullying

Rhiannon Brewer

“There’s a Tear in My Beer”: Understanding Childhood Trauma and the Addiction Memoir

allison mullins