The Special Collections Department at Marshall houses sermons and other materials by and about several ministers with ties to West Virginia and surrounding states. Digitizing these materials is a collaborative effort, involving the Center for Sermon Studies, the MU Libraries, the Department of English, and the Digital Humanities program.

For additional information about this project, please contact , Assistant Professor of English and director of the Center for Sermon Studies.


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Altmeyer, Henry B., 1870-1930
Altmeyer was born in Wheeling, West Virginia; was ordained to the priesthood in 1897; and was the pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Huntington, West Virginia, from 1899 to 1930. For additional information, see a history of St. Joseph Parish and a biographical sketch drawn from Cabell County Annals and Families (Richmond: Garrett & Massie, 1935).

Altmeyer's collections of sermons appear below. A user guide will be added soon.

Condit, William Cutter, 1841-1926
Condit was born in Murphysville, Kentucky; graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1866; and was the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, Kentucky, from 1866-1921. For additional information, see Genealogical Record of the Condit Family (Newark, NJ: Ward & Tichenor, 1885) and a 1927 report honoring recently-deceased Princeton alumni.

Holt, John A. (John Agee)

M. Homer Cummings, 1890-1978

Cummings was a preacher and hymnwriter who pastored Methodist churches in West Virginia from 1910 to 1959. Some of his materials have been uploaded, but both the physical and digital collections are being extensively reorganized. New materials will be made available soon.